Im Jin Shin Jyutsu existieren 26 Sicherheits-Energieschlösser auf jeder Seite des Körpers.

Wayne Hackett, einer der bekanntesten Jin Shin Jyutsu-Instructors, hat ein Sicherheits-Energieschlösser-Gebet verfasst:


1. Please help me to let go

2. To grow and expand

3. And relate

4. So I may live consciously

5. Bringing my spirit into my human form

6. Please help me live in balance

7. And be victorious

8. So I can know the magic in life

9. And be totally and completely fulfilled

10. Please help me receive your abundance

11. And unload my baggage

12. So I can follow thy will and not my will

13. Loving all beings

14. Maintaining my equilibrium and being sustained

15. So I can be happy and content

16. Please help me break old patterns

17. So I can open my heart to my intuitive self

18. Calming my mind

19. So I can accept my responsibility and authority

20. To help me see my way in life

21. Please help me become mentally free

22. And adapt happily

23. Embracing my human destiny

24. And harmonizing chaos

25. So that I may be still

26. And enjoy total peace and harmony




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